Jasmine and Peter's Wedding

24 January 2006

Peter and I got married on 24 January in the Haiku Gardens in Kaneohe on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i. Here is a selection of the photos.


After visiting a few flower shops and collecting several bunches of pretty flowers,
Lisa arranged them into this lovely bouquet. Lisa also made the little bunches of flowers we had in our hair.

Reuben, Lisa, Jasmine and Peter.
Lisa and Reuben live in Hawaii. Lisa helped us organise everything for the big day. Thanks Lisa! :)

Peter and I in Haiku Gardens

Lisa and Jasmine


Peter and I in front of the gazebo where we had the ceremony


Peter and I in another gazebo in Haiku Gardens

Me skipping around the garden


Peter and I in another part of Haiku Gardens

Another part of the lovely Haiku Gardens

The gazebo where we had the ceremony

Gotta have some beach photos if you get married in Hawaii!

The beach photos were taken the day before the wedding

Hawaii is great. So many pretty flowers and palm trees everywhere!

The beach as dusk approaches



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