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I'm an Australian, based in the Washington, DC, area of the United States. I spend a lot of time there with Jasmine, Australia's best-known speedsolver of the Rubik's Cube. Prior to the US, Jasmine and I were based in London, UK. We have also lived previously in the United States and Australia.

I have worked for an Australian business rules and compliance company since 1999 in Australia, the US and the UK. I have also lectured in IT and Law related topics at King's College, London, and at The Australian National University.

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Tue, 22 Mar 2005 [Australian eastern time]

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A Harry Potter Moment at King's Cross

Last Friday, Jasmine and I caught a train from London to Cambridge, where we spent the weekend with Doug. Our train from London left from Platform 11 at King's Cross Station, so we had time to pause briefly at Platform 9 . Jasmine was sure she heard an announcement for the Hogwarts Express. She is pictured below pushing a luggage trolley through the wall to get to the hidden platform, with my well-travelled Cookie Monster toy in tow.