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I'm an Australian, based in the Washington, DC, area of the United States. I spend a lot of time there with Jasmine, Australia's best-known speedsolver of the Rubik's Cube. Prior to the US, Jasmine and I were based in London, UK. We have also lived previously in the United States and Australia.

I have worked for an Australian business rules and compliance company since 1999 in Australia, the US and the UK. I have also lectured in IT and Law related topics at King's College, London, and at The Australian National University.

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Wed, 01 Sep 2004 [Australian eastern time]

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American diets to gain weight. Goal: 500-600 lb!

I came across this story on an episode of Totally Obsessed, a show that runs on US cable network VH1. American Nicki McRoberts, who used to weigh in at 140 lb (about 63.5 kg) claims, like many reasonable people, to be offended by underweight models.

Nicki's response? She commenced a 14,000 calorie per day eating program (most people need 2,000-2,500 calories per day) with the aim of growing to 500-600 lb as quickly as possible! She claims to feel great about her new figure and to get excited each time she outgrows her wardrobe. I just wonder whether her heart or liver or some other vital organ will give out on the way to her 600 lb goal. Quite aside from any health issues associated with obesity, imagine the shock of non-stop junk food and such a rapid weight gain. You can read more about Nicki in this Daily Record article. Her best quote: "I feel like the Titanic -- before it sank."